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Long Beach MS Real Estate

Why Purchase Real Estate  In The Long Beach, Mississippi area?

Long Beach Mississippi History

Long Beach, MS is the archetypal small Mississippi Community with the exception that it is blessed being located on the Mississippi Gulf Coastline.  Long Beach has a very rich history as do all the other MS Gulf Coastal communities.  Long Beach has added allure because it is also a residential university town.

Both Long Beach and Pass Christian, MS mutually share Cat Island as a barrier island along with that islands shared historical significance.   Cat Island was stumbled on by Pierre LeMoyne D’Iberville in March of 1699 and named this barrier island Isle aux Chats.

In 1719, a Christian Ladner landed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast aboard the “Le Marie’ at the age of 20 and he married a Marie Brunet (Brunel).  This married couple had a son, Nicholas Christian Ladner who was born in 1727 who wedded Marianne and this couple produced eleven children.  N. Christian Ladner developed Cat Island in 1745.  These people were the name sake of both channels off the coastline of Long Beach called Pass Christian and Pass Marrianne.   The City of Pass Christian was named after N. Christian Ladner.

Several years after the death of her spouse, N. Christian Ladner in 1759, Widow, Marrianne Ladner relocated to what is currently East Long Beach in 1788 and called Bear Point and built a home with chimneys at each end of the home which was the custom in those days. Long Beach MS Real Estate As time passes, and because of the ravages of hurricanes, only the chimneys remained of this home and the chimneys were used as location markers by the local.  This small settlement began using the name of Old Chimneys.

A popular Long Beach restaurant called Chimney’s Restaurant was located near the former Ladner property.  That establishment became Chappey’s Restaurant which closed after the advent of Hurricane Katrina.  See this for more info There are now restaurants in nearby Long Beach Mississippi with these two names.

Long Beach has a colorful history that is enriched by many tales about pirates.  A famous English pirate named Captain Cleytus Pitcher prowled the Mississippi Gulf Coast and buried his captured booty at today what's known as Pitcher’s Point.   Pitcher’s Point is near the western border of Long Beach near the Pass Christian city limit.

Pitcher’s Point is considered to be cursed to this day due to a drunken brawl. Captain Pitcher got into a heated exchange with his men and his fellow pirates burnt down a tree house where Captain Pitcher resided with Captain Pitcher still in the house.

The Town changed its name to Rosalie by a family named McCaughan.

In the 1870’s, a George Scott gifted a section of land to be utilized as a railroad station that linked to Long Beach, MS and Mobile, AL to the East and then as far West as New Orleans and then onto Houston.

Two brothers with the last name of Thomas established fruit tree orchards in the 1880’s.  These brothers cleared many acres of open property for the cultivation of both fruit and vegetables. The brothers changed the name of the city from Scott’s Station to Long Beach.

From around 1908 until 1923, Long Beach was a respected truck farming hub and was recognized as the ‘Radish Capital of the World’.  Local Video Train cars loaded with radishes named ‘Long Beach Reds’ were carried to manufacturing areas in the north part of the United States for the workers to partake with their afternoon beer or ale.

21st Century Long Beach, Mississippi

Long Beach, Mississippi is a beautiful beach community located in Harrison County and was incorporated in 1905 with 800 citizens.  Long Beach is situated 3 miles due west of Gulfport and 60 miles east of New Orleans.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the year round population of Long Beach was approximated to be 15,176 in 2013.

In 2013, CNN listed Long Beach as one of the ‘Can’t Miss’ beaches in America because of it’s amazing beauty.   There are wonderful homes and real estate in every price range offered in Long Beach.

The Long Beach public school system has a long-standing history of excellence.  The Long Beach public school system has a student-to-teacher ratio of only 14-1 which is amongst the smallest in the entire State of Mississippi.  Long Beach High School offers strenuous academics including university preparatory classes, advanced placement classes, and award earning vocational classes.  In 2007, Long Beach Senior High School was called a National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education and one of only 273 private and public schools in the U.S. to obtain this honor.

Long Beach is an affluent community in based on the amount of income and real property prices.  For instance, the median household income in Long Beach is $54,832, and the median rental price is $976.  This is 66 percent greater than other communities in the rest of Mississippi which indicates a high desirability to reside in this area.  The rate of crime in Long Beach is amongst the very lowest in Mississippi.

Based on a survey attributed to, Long Beach, MS is the #1 of 10 rated cities in Mississippi to reside in.

Long Beach also maintains a perfectly maintained Harbor and Yacht Club facility that is suitable for smaller water craft.

A well-known local landmark is the ‘Friendship Oak’ which is situated near ‘Beach Boulevard’ on the Long Beach University of Southern MS Campus.   This impressive  oak tree is estimated to be over 500 years of age and has branches that reach outword to over 100 ft. which shelter a raised system known as a ‘Shoe Fly’ which encompass its ancient trunk.

Although Long Beach population is quite moderate by big city standards, access to fine dining, the creative arts & culture scene, attractions & activities, close access to numerous large gaming casinos, frequent special events, outdoor recreation, scenic byways, and shopping are the explanations why Long Beach is the envy of a great number of cities in the United States that have a much higher population.  My MS Coast Vid Channel
Whether you are planning to move with your loved ones or are looking for a quiet beach retreat, let me help you with your real estate investment in Long Beach, MS and walk you through the time consuming procedures of looking for this unique property.
Long Beach MS Real Estate

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