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Real Estate Opportunities in Poplarville MS

Poplarville is situated in SW in Pearl River County on the State of Louisiana. Poplarville is the Pearl River County Seat.

According to real estate agent Poplarville Mississippi the U.S. Census Agency, the population of Poplarville was 2,894 in 2010.

Poplarville was named to honor prominent businessman, Poplar Jim Smith who had a very large stand of Poplar trees on his homestead where the Pearl River County Courthouse is located today. “Poplar” Jim Smith traded ten bushels of corn to Indians for his property. The descendants of Poplar Jim still reside in this area.

By the 1880s, the New Orleans as well as Northeastern Railroad created a railway through the area which considerably aided in the areas development and economic development, specifically in the timber industry.

When World War I erupted, this Extra resources area was buzzing with sawmills. Large sums of money were made in the timber industries.

In 1923, Pearl River Jr. College was established in Poplarville and has actually developed into one of the most prominent Junior Colleges in the U.S. The school is now referred to as realtor Poplarville MS Pearl River Community College, it continues to offer academic needs of citizens of this region of Mississippi.

At the beginning of the 1960s, the National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA) introduced high technology to the area when it constructed the Mississippi Test Facility, a section of which extends into Pearl River County. This new testing facility was built to test the first two stages of the Saturn 5 vehicles that best realtor Poplarville MS were engineered for traveling to the moon.

Around 10 years later, when travel to the moon was achieved, the Mississippi Test Facility was renamed the National Space Technology Laboratories (NSTL).

The United States Navy, U. S. Geological Survey, Earth Resources Laboratory, Environmental Protection Agency are some of the departments which have great need for high technology. Scientific researchers have best real estate broker Poplarville moved into the area from all over the United States. Of the United States civil servants that are stationed at NSTL Headquarters, one of 8 has a Doctorate Degree.

Poplarville has a beautiful natural surroundings gives numerous opportunities for entertainment and also eco-tourism.

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