Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diberville Mississippi Commercial Real Estate

Diberville, Mississippi is a city that is located in Harrison County and is directly North of Biloxi across the Biloxi Back Bay and the magnificent beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Diberville is a member of the Gulfport-Biloxi Metropolitan Statistical Area. According to the Federal Census Department), the population of Diberville was an estimated 9,486 in 2010.

The community is named after Pierre Le Moyne Diberville, who founded the French Colonial settlement names Biloxi in 1699. Approximately three centuries later, Diberville became incorporated and became a city in 1988.

Although they are linked linked by a common heritage and industry, Biloxi and Diberville shared a natural separation because of the Back Bay seaway which were originally tied together by ferries and fishing boats. What is now Diberville was commonly known as North Biloxi.

Diberville didn't acquire its existing name until 1927, which evolved from the dedication of the Diberville Bridge. When the bridge from Biloxi across the Back Back to Central Avenue was completed, commercial industries began to develop in the area. Merchants and restaurants were drawn to the area called West End which became well known during the period that followed Word War II. With the construction of the Back Bay Bridge in 1973, a renewed surge of interest took place which furthered the broad establishment of businesses which caused the resurgence of the central business district.

With the increased interest in acquiring waterfront commercially address zoned properties by Gaming Establishment developers and allied enterprises, brand new ventures and businesses are being developed at a rapid rate. Over the past 10 years, Diberville has witnessed the development of more newly established businesses than any other community on the Mississippi Coast.

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