Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pascagoula Mississippi Realtor

Pascagoula is known as the Singing River city and is located on the Gulf of Mexico and provides a deep and rich historical background as a European settlement that goes back more than 300 years. The Pascagoula River is without a real estate in Pascagoula Mississippi doubt the centerpiece of the largest unimpeded river system in the entire lower forty eight States. The river is legendary in the culture of the entire Southern United States as the Singing River of the Mississippi Gulf Coastline.

Pascagoula is the Jackson County seat. Based on the United States 2010 census, the populace of Pascagoula was 22,392.

The name was assumed from a tribe of very peaceful Native Americans. Pascagoula means bread eaters and these Native Americans resided in this region when Hernando De Soto first made connection with them in the 1540s. Tragically, this noble group of Native Americans are now extinct. The whole tribe drowned themselves while chanting as they waded hand to hand into deep river waters instead of enslave themselves to their enemy, the fierce Viloxi Tribe. Consequently, the legend of the Singing River was created. Countless people have reported he said that on still summer months and fall evenings, the Discover More sad song of the Pascagoulas humming can still be heard close to the river.

For hundreds of years, visitors and residents alike have described a strange humming sound that rises from the waters of the river. Even though theories abound, nobody has explained the unusual occurrence. The sound made by the rubbing of the rim of a crystal glass is comparable to the repetitive humming or singing that can be heard in the vicinity of the river.

This group of Native Americans was followed by the Spanish, French and English settlers.

Pascagoula is the home of the States most significant employer, Ingalls Shipbuilding and one of the largest Chevron refineries in the United States.

Pascagoula is conveniently located and is a 90 minute drive to New Orleans and a sixty minute drive to Mobile.

Pascagoula provides a lot to offer, including superb deep-sea or freshwater fishing, an array of championship golf courses, museums, historic sites, excellent seafood restaurants, and the excitement of nine 24-hour nonstop casino resorts in neighboring Harrison County. Situated against a backdrop of over 5 miles of sugar-white sand seashores, the cost of quality homes in Pascagoula is surprisingly competitive compared to other communities along the Gulf of Mexico Coast that are located in Alabama and Florida.

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